Jury Sentences Me To Losing Faith in Humanity

When you read over this story, you wonder how anyone who wasn't a sociopath could have thought this woman deserved 40 years in prison, EVEN HAD SHE BEEN GUILTY (there is no evidence that she was).

Pop quiz. Who is more likely to be looking at internet porn? 7th grade males who have access to school computers with no internet security, or restrictions on internet access, or this hapless 40 year old woman? A question worth asking, I would think...

The jury didn't ask themselves that. No, apparently to this jury, the woman deserves to die in prison, because a school computer had popups. She's 40, she's facing 4 counts of "endangering a child's life". This means she's facing what could be a 40 year prison term. Yeah.. boobies endangered these children's lives. I won't remind you of the irony. And don't get me started about how cases like these make the law itself illegitimate.  

Quote of the day

"It's the bizarre idiots that act smart." - Rev. Capt. H. M. Smith

Drupal Considered Dangerous for Startups?

"Of all the monsters that fill the nightmares of our folklore, none terrify more than werewolves, because they transform unexpectedly from the familiar into horrors. For these, one seeks bullets of silver that can magically lay them to rest.

Drupal Cobra

I would like to express my firm support for Bert Boerland's proposal: a Drupal Cobra.

Dries,Gunnar: I'm watching you two like a hawk. Don't let me down -- otherwise I might blog the sh#t out of you.

Try Explaining This to an MBA

I can't even tell you how happy I am to see the brief wordpress-and-garland contraversy resolve in the way it did. This isn't because I saw them porting 5.0's theme as a threat per se --- but rather because it once again demonstrated why open source's way of doing things is going to kick "the Microsoft-Apple-Adobe everything is mine-mine-mine, and I'll bite you if you try to steal it" 's ass.

Web 3.0

Over the past three weeks, Web 3.0's stock has quadrupled on the BWAH* index. I feel a bit out of character as I'm not particularly cynical about the Web, version 3.0 . Actually, the more this buzzword has developed, the more madly I fall in love with it.

(*Note: BWAH is the acronym for the  Buzzword, and Hype's index -- a key indicator of the overall health of market-driven buzzwords)

As far as I know, Dan Gillmor was the first to seriously use the term -- and in April of 2005, no less. Dan writes:

Simplicity Complex

Over the past few days, I've observed an isolated thunderstorm in my RSS reader. The first hints began when Don Norman blogged "Simplicity is Highly Overrated". Norman writes:

George Washington

Since viewing this youtube video, my life has grown richer. And for a great number of you, I promise this video will make your life richer as well. However, this video is not for everyone. In my mind[1], the >target< audience is somewhat narrow. You should be the type that thinks of the *weird* as humorous. And futhermore,  you should not be put off by the occassional reference to what some think are immature things[2].

November 2006: The Great GOP Meltdown


I love you America.

-At this moment, it looks like we'll end up with a 50-50 senate + Dick.

-PROFOUND shifts in the house -- the GOP went from majority to a minority by 40+

-PROFOUND shifts in the governorships. Again, went from sizable GOP majority to a 10+ majority in favor of Democrats.

The way I feel must be what red socks fans felt in 2004.

How to do a Demo

I know. My last post plugged these guys. I'm just saying, this is a great example of how to do a demo[1]: http://campfirenow.com/tour/video/   Notes: 1. Drupalers[1] take note. Meta Notes: 1. I think 'drupaladores'  is an observably rad alternative to the more often used term 'drupalers'... prounounced "droop'lers".


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