Jury Sentences Me To Losing Faith in Humanity

When you read over this story, you wonder how anyone who wasn't a sociopath could have thought this woman deserved 40 years in prison, EVEN HAD SHE BEEN GUILTY (there is no evidence that she was).

Pop quiz. Who is more likely to be looking at internet porn? 7th grade males who have access to school computers with no internet security, or restrictions on internet access, or this hapless 40 year old woman? A question worth asking, I would think...

The jury didn't ask themselves that. No, apparently to this jury, the woman deserves to die in prison, because a school computer had popups. She's 40, she's facing 4 counts of "endangering a child's life". This means she's facing what could be a 40 year prison term. Yeah.. boobies endangered these children's lives. I won't remind you of the irony. And don't get me started about how cases like these make the law itself illegitimate.  

I feel sick. I think the jury should be the ones in jail. After all, pictures of naked woman have never hurt me. Overzealous jury members who casually stick someone with 40 year prison terms because 7th graders saw boobies, on the otherhand, are a danger to all of us -- and don't you ever forget it.

Shame on everyone of them. This jury must not understand that every second of suffering that innocent woman has in jail will be on their hands. They will pay for their cruel arrogance in time. I can only hope... if they don't, there is no such thing as justice.