Bush's Reign Brings a Juvenile Standard to US

The new president also should signal that we will no longer confront problems just by blowing them up. The military toolbox is essential, but it shouldn’t be the first option for 21st-century challenges. You can’t bomb climate change.

Nicholas Kristof -- NYT


Its getting close to the election, and I'm getting nervous. I live in Texas, so I feel powerless in every presidential election. My first course of action was to give money to Barack; I've given his campaign $150.00 so far (just saying so you can benchmark yours). In a weird way, it seems like a really low price to pay... I want to wake up on Novermber to a world of hope -- something that has been taken away from me since 2000. Obama strikes me as a Lincoln, a F. Roosevelt, a Washington.

Multi-Column CSS Layouts for Slackers


You don't need a crazy CSS framework to make multi-column CSS layouts easy. They already *are* easy.

If you feel skeptical about my claim, I don't blame you. Like many web developers I too have tried to create 3 column layouts using the various types witchcraft found on web developer blogs:

Converting a Drupal Site to Straight HTML

Web Development:

When Bad Hosts (Yahoo Small Business) Happen to Good Drupal Sites

Time and again, I work for a client who is stuck with a horrid server environment -- say -- Yahoo Small Business.* Surely you must think that a company like Yahoo -- who employs none other than Rasmus Lerdorf -- would offer a decent environment. That's where you'd be wrong.

Its so bad that Drupal 6 won't even allow itself to ATTEMPT an installation. And with good reason. Consider the facts:

Why is "Full HTML" Input Format Dangerous?

This is a comment I submitted on my localhost site, with full HTML allowed for anonymous users. The fact that "XSS" came up in an alert means I'm vulnerable to attack.

If you want your skin to crawl more, visit the XSS Cheatsheet, which offers a number of techniques for XSS attacks. If you're ever in doubt, no better test than to attempt to hack yourself.

YUI Editor: A Simple, Beautiful, and Easy Drupal WYSIWYG editor

Reviewed Version: yui_editor-6.x-2.0
Depends on: Yahoo YUI

VERDICT: Outstanding! The only lovable Drupal WYSIWYG editor . Painless Installation, Great First Impressions, Easy to configure, image Uploading/insertion works out of the box, editor behavior solid and intuitive, and offers good security features.

In our last review of WYSIWYG editors, a certain editor won because it met my low expectations. Thanks to the tip from Sanjeev, I found an editor so good its off the charts.

Painless Installation, Great First Impressions

The moment after I installed YUI Editor I found this refreshing WYSIWYG smiling at me.

makes you want to write

Wasilla Amateurs...

Another amateurish sign: Todd Palin's outsize role in the mess. Branchflower said it was out of his jurisdiction to pass judgment on the First Gentleman, but his report paints an extralegal role for Todd Palin that would have made the Hillary Clinton of 1992 blush. In the report, the head of Gov. Palin's security detail says that Todd spent about half of his time in the governor's office — not at a desk (he didn't have one), but at a long conference table on one side of the office, with his own phone to make and receive calls. It became a shadow office, the informal Department of Getting Mike Wooten Fired.

Time on Palin

Apple iWeb: Spawn of Satan; The Most Perverse Thing I have Ever Seen in My Firebug

I was doing a little SEO work for a friend. I thought the job would be simple enough... but that was before I knew of the iWeb. Even Dreamweaver, back in 2004's wysiwyg editor seems like a forward thinking, beacon of semantic markup compared to this monster.

But I'm getting ahead of myself... lets go back to why she had to pay me to do SEO work:


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