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Practical Performance Benchmarking, and Tuning


As promised here are my slides, a few corrections, and some links to further resources. 

Hitler Finds Out That Drupal 7 Might Release Without Panels


Hitler finds out that that Panels might not be ready for Drupal 7.0 at a recent Hitler's Drupal Users meetup.

Note this another Hitler downfall video, which i find to be hilarious

Interested in proving Hitler wrong?

1, Issue for Ctools Update
2. (dependent on ctools update) Issue for panels.

Link to youtube.

jQuery UI ,Drupal, and Behaviors Slides


Slides from a presentation I did today @ drupal camp austin. Will expand on Drupal.behaviors in a later post.

Note to self: pick an easier topic for next presentation

Architecture is for Everyone: The Path to a More Humane Drupal API

Eaton's presentation on Architecture & Drupal is by far the best of the 12 or so drupalcon presentations I've watched so far (they were all good, but this one just seems to stand out). If you missed it, its worth your time.


A Drupal Weather Report

I had this weird idea: drupal has become so complex, with so many moving parts, that understanding the big picture is like predicting the weather. I forgot how long ago this was, but I know this would have been an accurate report:


jQuery 1.3: Part of the Big Deal

I know I'm not among the first to hear: jQuery 1.3 . Why is it worth supporting aggressively? Here's one reason:

This creates another paragraph that -- here it is -- you can click on forever to repeat the same behavior.

If that sounds freaky, look at this chart on the performance implications:

Blueprint Vs. 960

The starter guide in my last entry practically gives you an intro to the 960 framework as well. The names are different, but the approach is the same. Though 960 is a bit more complex. .container-x, and both "first" and "last" classes (named alpha, omega, pretentiously enough).

I decided to checkup on a drupal groups thread that discussed CSS frameworks AFTER I hit publish. As it turns out, a 960 theme is on its way to drupal core.

Navigate: The Next Generation Drupal Administration

Sometimes a module comes out of nowhere, and blows away everything else. I believe Navigate is one of those modules.

There are lot of factors that make it awesome:

  • It doesn't get in your way... it stays nearly hidden, as a little circle in the top left corner til you click it. Think designs that didn't foresee the need for massive admin functionality.

If you do click the the top left circle (I think its a steering wheel), you see this:

Multi-Column CSS Layouts for Slackers


You don't need a crazy CSS framework to make multi-column CSS layouts easy. They already *are* easy.

If you feel skeptical about my claim, I don't blame you. Like many web developers I too have tried to create 3 column layouts using the various types witchcraft found on web developer blogs:


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