Code Pink On Bush's Radar

See story. Congrats to all of you.

Web 3.0 is Born

Just when web 2.0 got old and tiresome, Google announces OpenSocial. Mark my words: the internet just entered an entirely new era.

Since version 2.0, we -- the people who live and think inside the matrix -- have taken on a habit of using meaningless numbers to describe the strongest trends, and advances in internet technology. That's all the buzzword "Web 3.0" is. That's all "Web 2.0" was.

Don't get hung up on the buzzword  -- web 3.0 is in an early infancy, right now its vague enough that  that crazy historical maps like the one for web 2.0 are needed to describe it. (Tim? Come on... where is your web 3.0 map?)

WYMeditor (What You Mean is What You Get) Poised for World Dominance

Back at ON Networks, we just finished upgrading from tinyMCE* to WYMeditor to power the textareas on the backend.

WYMeditor's main concept is to leave details of the document's visual layout, and to concentrate on its structure and meaning, while trying to give the user as much comfort as possible (at least as WYSIWYG editors).

...The end-user defines content meaning, which will determine its aspect by the use of style sheets. The result is easy and quick maintenance of information.

How to Get Your Name at the Top of Google Results

Jeff Rubin, editor of has a rather simple, but effective strategy. When using your name, use it twice: URL: He even posts his entries as "Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin" (say that 10 times fast... you'll get high, I promise). Now, while its a clever method... the fact remains that the editor of college humor wouldn't need to repeat his name twice if he had a blog URL that wasn't (this sounds snobbish, but it isn't... blogs were 90% spam... thus google, is a little more prude than usual to include a domain in search results).

The Flaw of Assessing Usability Without Looking a User's Face

“Users tend to be pathologically positive in their written and verbal assessments, no matter how terrible the user interface actually is.” - How do Users Really Feel About Your Design?

Dear Microsoft: I tired to buy your product, but a javascript error blocked me

Dear Microsoft (the dark one), Today, I broke down and was ready to buy Microsoft Office 2007 Professional. Your trial worked: I was a conversion. Office 2007 was a refreshing departure from a line of products that I had in the past, equated with a mediaeval torture chamber. With credit card in hand, I clicked the trial's "purchase a key" button. I wasexpecting a nice form that would allow me to enter a credit card number. Instead, I got a blank screen white screen and a javascript error. Since I use firefox+firebug, my browser provides extremely helpful javascript debugging information. I thought that you should know that 20 percent of people trying to actually buy your products cannot (unless they use IE6 or IE7... is that your strategy here? No wonder you make the life of web developers hell ...).

USA: Where we fight terrorism by exposing citizens to unpredictable use of "deadly force"

The student, Star A. Simpson, 19, is “very lucky to be alive,” said Maj. Scott S. Pare of the state police, commanding officer of the airport’s security contingent. “Had she not followed our instructions” when confronted by state troopers, “we would have used deadly force,” Major Pare said.


I'll bet! With would be Mussolini's controlling our Airport security checkpoints. Apparently, it works like this conversation: "Jed, she's got a 9-volter attached to a circuit board in plain sight on her shirt!" Jed replies, "TERRORISt! Shoot to kill if she make any of them funny movements".

An Open Letter to Prezydent Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej: The Thin Skinned, Egg Shaped, Ridiculous Tyrant of Poland

Poland's President has decided to arrest a young man, and throw him in Jail for three years. Why? Because he used a google bomb to make fun of Mr. President (making fun of this guy isn't too hard...) [Original polish article] [translation from Google's blogscoped] .

The Man Who Conquered Europe: Killed by Fancy Wallpaper

A tale of one exiled Napoleon Bonaparte, and the sinister wallpaper that murdered him. [Link]


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