Tsunami Videos that you probably haven't seen yet

I was browsing through WavesofDestruction, when I stumbled upon a few videos of the tsunami which weren't all "cheese and crackers".

This video, shot by German tourist, captured the Tsunami hitting Khao Lak. The it gives an unusally extended look at the tsunami coming in from a distance. I found it interesting how long it took for the people on the beach to understand that something was wrong. I hope the people on the float got back to shore before the Tsunami hit.

This video is captured by a tourist in Phuket-Thailand. The camera man gets a clear shot of the big wave hitting his hotel. And of course, 2 seconds later he turns around and runs into the wall behind him out of fear. (I imagine that would have been my reaction as well).

This video shows the Tsunami behaving more like a flash flood than a wave. The camera man is lucky to be alive. I couldn't believe how long he stood there -- just watching the millions of gallons of water roll in before he realized he should maybe run.

Video from Malaysia. I think I counted all of the kids as making it safety after the wave hit... and our brave camera operator sure didn't seem too concerned. (Wouldn't want to get the expensive camera wet... sorry just pointing it out, that's all. I call it like I see it. "I'm a blogger with unfiltered views".) And for christ's sake, don't try to stop a floating car from moving! Don't these people have neurotic mothers who teach them to know better?