Foundry Theme Nearing Release

Foundry[1], a new theme I'm working on, is getting close to release. Here's the latest screenshot. 

This theme is something of an anthology of design/templating/css solutions I've found over the course of this year. My most recent of which is a horizontal nested menu tree (contained within a div rounded using javascript), with background images, and support of infinate levels. Oh, and it works on the big browsers: IE6, IE7, Firefox, and Safari. 


Extreme Drupal Theming with PHPtemplate

Drupal's phptemplate is the most powerful, simple, and flexible templating/theming system on the planet*. Yet, it seems that the majority of drupal themers, (and wannabe drupal themers) are ignorant of its true power.

More disturbingly, vast numbers of people still insist that Joomla!, typo3, and wordpress's templating systems are easier, sexier, and slicker. These people are either loony, or wrong.

As an expert in PHPtemplate (isn't that scary), I've decided its my duty to show the true power of PHPtemplate to world.

Consider these tutorials, a proper (and steadily growing) introduction to drupal's templating system.

A Brief Overview of the Future of Drupal: Short Term and Long Term

Last summer, nearly every client that I talked with who wanted a CMS would ask for Mambo. This was in spite of Drupal's obvious superiority in terms of code, flexibility, and power.

I was forced to conclude that Drupal's biggest weakness was the first impression it was making. I spent about 2 minutes looking at, and Mambo's homepage, and the cause of Drupal's weak first impression was dead obvious:

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