Dear Site5: WTF is up with your file permissions behavior?!

I know yall do QA, however, you aren't testing for power users apparently. Check this out. I like to build and deploy drupal websites. Drupal websites require constant code updates, as well as test servers, so I like to use shell to move files around. However, it seems, whenever I move files around, every single files and directory gets assigned permissions 664, or 644 -- i forgot. The fix is running this command in the unix shell:

chmod -R ugo=rX,u+w ~

Why I Love

Not long ago, a combination of too much coffee, persistant stress, and my uppity temperment led me to write a fiesty post about my frustrations with's suite of account and website management tools. In retrospect, I was not warrented to have made the critiques that I did; especially considering that the problems I had resulted from the account's owner forgetting to send me all of the necessary passwords, and account info I needed.

Regardless, Adam Greenfield,'s Chief Technology Officer ,took what I wrote to heart, and posted a very comprehensive reply on site5's engineering blog. He addresses every concern I raised; but much more importantly, he describes a number of new features, and components that are designed to prevent future users from having the troubles I describe. Back in a former lifetime, I used to train teenyboppers and potheads on the art of good customer service in the service industry. In otherwords, I have an eye for stellar service.

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