Dear Site5: WTF is up with your file permissions behavior?!

I know yall do QA, however, you aren't testing for power users apparently. Check this out. I like to build and deploy drupal websites. Drupal websites require constant code updates, as well as test servers, so I like to use shell to move files around. However, it seems, whenever I move files around, every single files and directory gets assigned permissions 664, or 644 -- i forgot. The fix is running this command in the unix shell:

chmod -R ugo=rX,u+w ~

I have no idea WTF it does, but if you are having problems with site5, drupal, and 500 errors, go to your public_html folder and enter it, wait nervously while it takes its it time, and rejoice when it solved.

As for site5 -- I don't know what kind of voodoo is going on in your shell accounts, but you just stumped someone who's regularly payed large amounts of money to solve the weirdest problems out there. Apparently, your default shell behavior stumped me... I can't imagine how badly it stumped it others. Please stop it!