Good Times

Now that my employment situation has settled*, I'm feeling great. I forgot how much I loved doing client projects. Compared to a startup, where the problems are extremely complex, the possible solutions are many -- most of them wrong, and the pace is back breaking, client work is relatively straight forward: figure out what they want to do, and put together some technology that does it.

One could argue that me being relaxed means I'm not working hard enough. I think that's bullshit. I don't believe stress is inevitable if I keep a solid pace, set reasonable timelines, stay focused on the most important problems, and plan ahead. These are all skills I seem to have sharpened in the startup world. Its occurring to me that the difficulties I remembered in the past had less to do with the nature of the work, and more to do with my own inexperience.

Working from home is also nice: sunlight makes me happy, and I have very big windows, with lots of natural light. I think offices are unhealthy to an extent, in that they regulate sleeping patterns, and eating schedules. I think too much stock is placed in the belief that if you are in the office you are working. I'm getting more done it seems, since I can shut out distractions completely.

Anyways, good times.

*Thank you to everyone who's inquired. I've found a good home that will keep me busy for some time.