HTML 5's Timetable to reach “Proposed Recommendation” stage in 2022

Jeff Croft puts the outrage every web developer feels best.

I care about right fucking now. My clients care about right fucking now. Our users care about right fucking now. The only people that really give a damn about two thousand twenty two are people who write timetables for a living.

I’m done with web standards. I’m done reading specs. I’m done caring whether a property is part of CSS 2.1 or CSS 3. I’m done caring whether -webkit-border-radius is a "standard" or not. I'm done caring whether or not a page validates against a given spec. Who fucking cares? I’m building websites for clients and users, not for Jeremy Keith.

I'm with Jeff. 20-fucking-22 is so far off in the future that it may as well not be done. I've been "done" with the web standards movement for sometime.

I don't run my pages through validators. Instead I test them on 5 browsers and 2 separate machines. All that validating my html gets me is an ugly badge that only noobs display.