Tonight, I ran into a post by Feministe, entitled "I'm Never Getting Married". I agree with a great deal of it. Whenever I hear politicians argue that traditional marriage is "sacred institution", I have to pinch myself to remind myself that I'm not watching a satire.

Certain political blocks seem to think the idea of an old men trading their virgin daughters to strengthen business relationships is a "sacred institution". And then there is the other motive of kinky 19th century traditional marriage: making sure that a son gets some missionary-style child-bearing action, so the long, grand lineage of stupid, rich, white men can flourish and repeat the process!

Given these apparent breeding habits of rich conservatives (and their confused shills), its no surprise they consider traditional marriage to be "foundation of our civilization". We now have an answer for an age old question:

QUESTION: "Why does that conspicuous block of congressional/presidential/legal/business patricians mostly consist of a bunch of stupid, unhealthy and funny-looking idiot-f#cks?"

ANSWER: "Its their breeding habits, stupid."

So, I was going through Feministe's post, when I stumbled across this quoted, and deeply insulting (as a male) gem. I can't lie, as soon as I began reading it, I got red faced angry (perhaps so much so that I wasn't able to realize that her commentary wasn't sarcastic). I was ready to proclaim: "Males are not merely penis wielding insects, that can be so confidently written off as sex addicts!"+

Leave it to Feministe to surprise me, with her follow up to the quotes:#

"Oh, dichotomies, I love you. I also love how the most anti-feminist people are always the most man-hating: Saying that men marry for social status and for sex is a little reductive and insulting, and if I were a dude it would probably tick me off. But if you’re using it to further blame women for every possible shortcoming and relationship problem, it’s apparently acceptable."

The truth is, by the time I had gotten to that quote, I had thought the quoted article was simply man bashing! Little did I know that it was a cosmo-style "how to keep your man happy" instructional essay. What a mind fuck!


*Princess Bride reference. Its a child of the 80's thing....

+Well, I guess we kind of are, but blame evolution, not us... if you're into blaming people for being human...

#This is probably why most of my girl friends might be considered "feminists": they respect me as a human being.