Actually, Drupal Can't *Really* Save the World

My friend Jeff Robbins wrote an excellent summery of the setup and usability issues that are blocking drupal's goal of world domination. As far as I see it, the only flaw in his post is the title: "How drupal will save the world." Now, that the post is on the front page of digg,  the digg community has seized the opprotunity to show off their impressive critical thinking abilities. To paraphrase the digg communities' shrewd conclusion: "It is highly dubious to argue that an open source content management system is the comprehensive solution to all the world's woes." Bravo. The digg community deserves a gold sticker (but not quite a blue ribbon). If it weren't for them, I'd be a lost child, trying to cure AIDS with PHP.    I've now fully satisfied my urge to make fun of the digg community. Thank you for listening.