Microsoft Introduces Desktop Blog Client

Amazingly, the very fact that you see this post means it works with Drupal's XML-RPC script. Its called "Windows Live Writer". But no gives a rats ass about the vaporbrand "windows live", so its probably just going to be known as Writer. [free download for Windows].. My impressions?


  • I love blogging from my desktop. The experience is 10 times smoother.
  • TinyMCE WYSIWYG sucks. And while it might suck less than any available alternative it still sucks. It sucks because both javascript and browsers suck. I perfer this interface.
  • The desktop enviroment kicks AJAX's ass.
  • Why not use a desktop client?


  • No support for multiple content types
  • No support for categories
  • Does not interface with any existing content or files

Pure Speculation

  • Writer is probably a proof-of-concept for the next generation of Microsoft Word Products
  • Writer will come bundled with Windows in the near future
  • Microsoft is full of smart people

Unfortunately, the limitations I listed make the program impractical for drupal users. Sadly, this means I need to continue using tinymce. But seriously, Drupal should not shy away from the opprotunity to fully integrate with this program. Like it or not, I suspect you'll start to hear a lot more about Writer in the future.