Drupal Category Module Looks Very Promising

Today while going over my drupal-related RSS feeds, I ran across a very advanced module that is currently in development: the category module. I've noticed this module several times before, and I must admit that I was skeptical. This skepticism was undoubtably due to the module's colossal function:

The categoryi module allows you to structure your site into a tree-like hierarchy of pages, and to classify your dynamic content, all within one seamless interface. Gone are the days when these two tasks were carried out using separate and incompatible tools: now it's all one and the same. Built upon the solid foundations of the book and taxonomy modules, the category module overcomes the weaknesses of both these tools, to give you more power than ever before in customizing the navigational experience of your Drupal site.

However, this module has started creating an unusally large amount of buzz, so I decided to register at the demo site, and give the module a spin.

My conclusion? This module is a god send. I forsee the category module playing a major role in every single drupal project that I undertake in the future. What an incredible contribution to the platform!

Props, and 77 houris to Jeremy Epstein , the big brain behind the project. By all accounts, he has appeared to have solved one of drupal's longest standing information architecture problems.