A Rising Generation of Fascists?

I am 22 -- and already I find myself shaking my head at them’ young whipper-snappers. A recent survey of 100,000 high school students found the following attitudes; I do not hesitate in calling these numbers evidence of fascist thinking in the Pokemon generation:

  • Thirty-six percent say that everything you and I read in a newspaper should get clearance from a government censor.
  • Only a slim majority – fifty-one percent – think that newspapers should be able to publish freely.

I’m sick to my stomach. How could this have happened? What are we going to do about it? Fuck keeping sex, violence, and bad language off of the television; this generation doesn't even understand the value of the freedom that has been handed down to them from generations of wars, social stuggles, and sacrafice. I'm afraid to say it, but we've created a monster, with this generation.