And I Heard Pigs Being Slaughtered

Its very grey, rainy, and cold here at Spider House Cafe. Most of my best blog posts are written from this very spot. Of course I doubt the enviroment here today is going to allow any writings of worth.

There is a herd of hippies sitting directly behind me with instruments; one guitar, one recorder, and one girl who occcassionaly sings some sort of pseudo spirtual mumbo-jumbo. But what they play is not music; what you hear is the sound of chaos! The guitarist knows about 8 flaminco rifts in disconnected keys. The woman is stoned out of her mind (i hope). The recorder player....oh the recorder player.

As far as I'm concerned, it's common sense that cream-colored, plastic, 10 dollar recorders are not to be played outside of 5th grade music class -- and best case scenario, one is able to create in-tune squeaks with it. Yet, this bard disagrees with such conventional wisdom. In fact, this virtuoso of the recorder insists on fully expressing himself -- and his whiteboy rastaman vibe -- through the mouth piece of the horrid object. The resulting sound is that of pigs being slaughtered. I'm hearing things at this moment that are so grotesque, so horrible, that if you were to hear a recording of it, you would flee in horror! More notes later... its cold, I'm moving inside.


Pass this on!

Inauguration Day, Silent Protest
Thursday, January 20th, 2005

Since our religious leaders will not speak out against the war
in Iraq, since our political leaders don't have the moral courage
to oppose it, Inauguration Day, Thursday, January 20th, 2005 is
"Not One Damn Dime Day" in America.

On "Not One Damn Dime Day," those who oppose what is happening in
our name in Iraq can speak up with a 24-hour national boycott of
all forms of consumer spending.

Tsunami Videos that you probably haven't seen yet

I was browsing through WavesofDestruction, when I stumbled upon a few videos of the tsunami which weren't all "cheese and crackers".

What do they want?

Brand Dimensions appears to be spying on me and Emergency Action Blog. Curious...

My First Newspaper Citation

My parents will be so proud: my name is mentioned in the Asia Times!

Blogger Nick Lewis has established a website called Emergency Action Blog, , which provides some exemplary action steps, updates on tsunami information, collected personal stories and links to aid-relief sites. -Tsunami bloggers forge tribal news network, Jan 4th Asia Times

What are my future plans? I think I'll go call some elementry schools; I could give some talks about the importance of keeping off drugs, abstaining from sex until marriage , and not dropping out. And yes, I do give autographs. Remember kids: be somebody, or be sombody's fool!

Brain Teaser

What may seem like a moral or cultural crusade of utopian dimensions may in fact be a pragmatic necessity, even to those with the most callous notions of self-interest. Recognizing our identity as a species and our fragile place in evolutionary history may be the first, indispensable step toward saving ourselves. -Quote from the document below.

Dan Gillmor: Liberty Takes Work

Dan Gillmor wrote some inspiring words in his last column for the SJMercury:

The Internet and its progeny are still early in their development, meanwhile. The Net is nowhere near as universal as it will be when we enter an age of what some call ubiquitous computing, but the outlines of its value are obvious today. For example, all media will eventually move around the world in little digital packages, called packets, that are the basic units of tomorrow's communications. The importance of this -- in decimating old businesses while improving most people's lives -- has not been sufficiently appreciated.

Tsunami News from 70 Sources

I've set up a special category for Tsunami news on my aggregator. I check off items to go here manually, so where as my aggregator updates every 30 mins, this will only update every 4 hours. Nevertheless, maybe it will be of use: Tsunami News Items

BBC Tsunami Video

A BBC video of the tsunami hitting Aceh Indonesia, just 80 miles from the center of the earthquake. Link to video.


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