At the Summit in DC

I'm safely in DC. Progressives have a lot of work to do... more later. My e-mail doesn't work right now, btw.

The End of Objectivity (Version 0.91)

Dan Gillmor is arguing that we should abandon the golden standard of “Objectivity” in American Journalism. Undoubtedly some in the old guard will label him a heretic; however, like most heretics, he is being condemned for speaking the truth:

For the first time, statistics show world's dislike of Bush translating into dislike of Americans in general

The Guardian (UK) reports:

A poll of 21 countries published yesterday - reflecting opinion in Africa, Latin America, North America, Asia and Europe - showed that a clear majority have grave fears about the next four years.

The Coming Together of the Tribes

The media hath spoken: 2004 was the “year of the blog.” As we all know, whenever a broadcast and print media come to a consensus, a truth is born. Thus, we can relax. There is no need to put any further thought into the matter. Unfortunately, I have a bad habit of thinking. And as a result of my nasty habit, I believe the media has completely misunderstood what the blog represents: the first significant manifestation of much larger trend.

This powerful trend is two-fold:

  • the rise of the network as a form of social organization.
  • the freeing information from the constraints and limitations of the physical world.

In the first post of this series, we will explore the rise of the network through the lenses of history, and the social sciences.

Extreme Democracy

Holy crap, how did I miss this site?

Quote of the Day

Only one thing is impossible for God: To find any sense in any copyright law on the planet. - Mark Twain

The 2005 Progressive Democrats of America Summit in Washington D.C.

This Friday, I'm flying to Washington D.C. for the Progressive Democrats of America Summit. I'll be giving a talk at the summit about how progressives can get their message out online. If any of ya'll are going to be in Washington DC 21st-25th, contact me, and perhaps we'll be able to meet up at some point.


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