Anonymous Whistleblower Accuses Berkman Fellows of Ceremonially Feasting Upon Live Kittens

Scandal has rocked the blogosphere in the wake of Harvard's conference on Blogging, Credibility, and Journalism. Mounting evidence suggests that Rebecca Mackinnon is a kitten eater. Some people have even suggested that we are currently experiencing "the winter of kitten eating". One man, who seemed to know what he was talking about, noted: "well... kitten eating has been farily common through out the ages. The ancient greeks used to eat Kittens after they sodomized young boys" The man-who-seemed-to-know-what-he-was-talking about added, "whatever it takes, we must defeat Bush come November."

The photo to the left was captured by a bystander who witnessed the event. The bystander reports that she exclaimed "a cattus vesica salus! a cattus vesica salus!" before eviscerating the kitten.

One analyist pretty muched summed up the mood, in the wake of this national tragedy, "Stupid bleeding heart leftists. If someone didn't stand up to the kittens -- or, well, more like sit down to the kittens and tuck in a napkin really -- SADDAM WOULD STILL BE IN POWER."

Bono from U2 visited a kitten shelter in the wake of the aftermath. Mr. Bono commented, "You see... I'm a rich rock star, and I feel it is my duty to hang out with homeless kittens, and poor african childern. See... when they see me, Bono, they say to themselves, 'well, I live in filth, but at least Bono has come to remind me that somewhere, there is a rich person, who wears sun glasses, and visits us during his masturbatory fits of egotism. Thank you Bono." Bono proceeded to pass out from intoxication after those words. Somewhere -- in the distance -- a dog barked.

Ms. Mackinnon has declined to comment on the matter.