A Web Development Warchest

Here's the programs and frameworks that I use everyday, and couldn't function without. I figured this list might be useful to someone who's just getting started in web development.

Turning your computer into a web server:

  • XAMPP ( only noobs develop on the live remote serve....r)


  • Code editor: eclipse (a distro for php)
  • MySQL "crutch" (a gui) : Navicat
  • Version Control : Subversion via the elcipse plugin
  • Image Stuff, Designing, Wireframing: Adobe fireworks
  • Getting stuff onto the server

    • For barbarians, and as a method of last resort: FTP through FileZilla
    • Using Subversion, simply typing the command "svn update" in a shell, via the SSH client putty.exe. This is the only civilized way to update files on a web server.


    • JavaScript (or ajax, or whatever): jQuery
    • CSS, Layouts, Grids, Typopgraphy: BluePrint
    • Everything else: Drupal


    If you've been living under a rock, you may want to check out firebug too.