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New Drupal 6 Theme Nearing Release

Been working on the new drupal 6 design for this blog. Its taken longer than normal, because i'll be adding it to drupal's contributions. Haven't named it yet. Probably will go with something along the lines of "green nerd hippy", but am still not sure.

The theme aims to be a slick, two column layout, that is flexible enough to be used as a base theme.
The priorities in the theme are:

Drupal 6 AHAH forms: Making New Fields Work

Today, I was working with drupal 6's AHAH form elements. Initially, I was delighted at how well they worked. That delight turned to confusion once I realized that the form elements I had put in the menu callback of the #ahah['path'] was missing its name attribute. After doing a bit of research in how the poll module handled the formapi voodoo, I created a generalized function to aid in building AHAH callbacks. If there is a better way to do this, I wasn't able to find it. <?php

Stupid Simple Web Scraping with SimpleXML


The other day, I was tasked with building a data scraper. Having never built such a contraption, I naturally turned to the Internets for preexisting code. I was horrified with what I found.

The “free” PHP scripts (that’s “free” as in “free baby vomit”) were all infested with the worst sorts of newfangled regex, and PHP 4 era DOM traversing.

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