WWYUIGD? Two Guidelines for Writing Hell's Best CSS

WWYUIGD (What would Yahoo User Interface Grids Do?)  is defined as two things:

  1. Exaggerating a good idea to such ridiculous proportions that it becomes a bad idea.
  2. The duel guidelines that anyone can use to write hell's best CSS

Guideline One: Meaningless numbers are great

The .yui-t(x) set of classes offer powerful control over sidebar widths, and positions. Indeed, so powerful that the classes themselves offer neither clue, nor an understandable pattern. 

  1. .yui-t1: 160 on left
  2. .yui-t2: 180 on left
  3. .yui-t3: 300 on left
  4. .yui-t4: 180 on right
  5. .yui-t5: 240 on right
  6. .yui-t6: 300 on right
  7. .yui-t7: One full width column 

If Yahoo was full of sissies, they would have made this system semi easy to remember by using this pattern:

Spec for ZenGarden.Module (Shot in the Dark)

Shot in the dark, I know, but its going to be at least a month before I'll have time to build this correctly. I wouldn't ask if it were not for fear that the idea will loose momemtum without a place for interested folks to get together soon... Plus, I imagine a few folks might understand how useful this module could be. Thus, here's a shot in the dark, and basic spec of how the module is to work:

zengarden.module -- a module that enables an open-source approach to a drupal theme framework, and reusable CSS library. Yes, in many its kind of like the zen garden, but really more like listamatic... Here's how it would work:

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