Six Apart "Ups the Ante" for Weblogging

"Ups the Ante..." ...that's pretty funny.

Six Apart, the proprieters of typepad, think that their upcoming blogging service, code named Project Comet, will revolutionize the platform. Their press release said it all:

Project Comet is creating technologies that will advance weblogging as we know it today, giving millions of people worldwide the ability to easily stake out, build and share their own distinctive place online.

Let's begin with "new technologies"...

Users will be able to create individual blogs and share sections of them with other users in an elegant and customizable way that has never been done before.

Hmmmmm..... Drupal does that. Or wait, its done that for over 3 years... So, where does one go from drupal's "a blog for every user, infinite categories for every blog, (and more content types beyond blogs)"? I suppose Six Apart is just saying that their's does it in a "elegant and customizable way that has never been done before." Just as I cry the elegant sentence: "Quick! Hide the fish-sticks in the ditch, and get your cain out! The sun will be up soon." -- which, most likely, was a sentence that has never been said before.

...allows bloggers to incorporate streams from various media, like music, photos, videos and other blogs into a single place by simply dragging and dropping items to create a customized blog with an identity of its own.

In response that, firstly, let me direct you here, here, and screw it, just read the possible modules you can add to a drupal install.

In the end, all I am saying is that Six Apart ain't upping no ante, and the certainly aren't offering anything that open source won't adopt in a heartbeat. Their model is dead. And I am tired a grumpy.