The Progressive Blog Alliance Mission Statement

The PBA is an emergent, self-organized network of independent activists, journalists, and writers. We do not exclusively identify ourselves with a single nation, but rather our world society as a whole. We recognize that on a fundamental level, we are all one.

We demand our members to show complete intolerance for oppression, bigotry, ignorance, violence, corruption, and exploitation. We may choose to deny membership to individuals who support certain politicians; for example, George W. Bush. However, we will never require our members to subscribe to any list of creeds, tenets, or dogmas. We are not a political cult. Progressive libertarians are just as welcome as progressive socialists.

We do not represent any particular ideology. By "ideology" we firstly mean political opinions which are based upon the assumptions and biases of philosophers living between the 17th and 19th century; and in turn using their antiquanted manifestos and treatises as the lenses through which one judges the world. But secondly -- and this is far more important -- we mean those systems of thought which squelch one's individuality; while at the same time shrinking one's possible range of thought. The majority of ideologies were designed to turn followers into unthinking, obedient drones, all of whom quack the same slogans. The PBA is bound by its common principles, not its ideological labels.

Our organization will forever remain non-profit. We will never charge any fees for membership, services, or content. In addition, the commonwealth of the PBA ought never be exploited for the purpose of selling services or products. Therefore, we do not accept any revenue from advertisers. Though we may choose to promote other non-profit ventures or progressive candidates who are running for office. We may also choose to accept voluntary donations for the purpose of supporting our infrastructure.

We do not rate perspective members on the links and traffic we expect from them; though we acknowledge the collective benefit of the blogs that will raise our traffic. However, we are mostly looking for bloggers who are willing to share their knowledge, expertise, and information; we want to start the discussions which are required if we are ever to see a better world. So perhaps now, it becomes clearer what we mean by "blogging is our medium; but our message will be the story of a new world."