The Coming Progressive Uprising

I've just returned from the Progressive Democrats of America summit in Washington D.C. First off, I wanted to thank the 3 other PBA members that helped lead the blogging workshop, Roxanne from Rox Populi, Terrence Heath from Republic of T; and of course the man who made it all possible, Aldon Hynes of Orient-Lodge. It’s become clear that the PBA has come of age; to put it into perspective, the Progressive Blog Alliance, a group of about 180 bloggers, had as many representatives in DC as my entire home state of Texas. We should be very proud of what we've accomplished together. Just imagine where we might find ourselves next year.

The first 13 members of this alliance might remember something I wrote last October... I said that our two week alliance had found itself at a cross-roads. I took a risk, and asked of the original 13 members to follow me. Now, on the eve of our alliance's 4 month anniversary, we once again find ourselves at a cross-roads. However, where as last time I asked you to follow me, this time I'm asking each of you to stand up and lead. A great social movement is forming as we speak, and this conversation only represents a part of a much larger conversation that is taking place. For the sake of ourselves, our country, and our future, I hope each of you will join our conversation. After all, who will make up the movement if not us? When will we start, if not now?

You might ask, “where is the movement?” My answer would be that it has been here all along. It’s your mind and my mind; together we are the movement. Our first step is to recognize that connection. Think about that very carefully, and we will continue this discussion tomorrow. (crossposted at PBAHQ)