Rocking the Idiot Vote

Okay, its true: Nadar does speak out against
issues that most Democrats won't touch. His campaign speeches criticize
NAFTA, WTO, deregulation of the airwaves, and corporate welfare. And
yes -- he thinks we should have more than two parties. So, to recap:
Nadar talks and has opinions. He is also a shameless egoist who
exploits the idealism of young leftists, and old idiots.

claims that its "the Democrat's fault" if they cannot gain support from
the left-wing's most naive and stupid voters. Nadar says that Kerry
should "end the war in Iraq"," create a system of universal health
care", and enforce a "living wage" (which he left undefined). Indeed we
would all like to see Nader's dreams bloom into a world without war,
pollution, or poverty. Unfortunatly, those dreams are divorced from

If Kerry presents a
pacificist, socialist, anti-corporate agenda, he will lose. When he
says "universal health care", and independents hear, "inefficent big
government program that will cost me lots of taxes." Kerry might call
it a "living wage", but most people will hear "layoffs and companies
moving oversees". Reality sucks, doesn't it? Ralph, I have news for
you: a lot of voters are more concerned about their wallets than your
expensive adventures in enviromentally friendly socialism.

claims that, "The two parties have rigged the political system to
guarantee that, from ballot access barriers to exclusion from debates.
The two parties are dominating the political scene." However, I for one
am relieved that I don't have to watch Nader drone on about his
idealistic and wistful fantasy of a third party. America has been a two
party More than 300 years. If your smart, you take over the interests
of one of those parties; you don't create your own party. That is --
unless you want to get power the hard and unlikely way.

says, "If the Democrats cannot landslide the worst Republican
administration in the 20th century they better look at themselves,"

Here is a truth that niether Nader, nor the
Democrats will admit. Both Republicans, and Democrats have supporters
that are idiots. Just as Perot and Buchannon spoiled Bush Sr.'s
re-election by taking rightwing idiot vote, Nadar is stealing Kerry's
leftwing idiot vote. For Christ sakes, Nader needs to realize how much
we need our idiots at the polls! Otherwise, we might have a one party
system, like Mexico's PRI. Unless Nader wakes up, all I can conclude is
that he is an idiot himself.