Its getting close to the election, and I'm getting nervous. I live in Texas, so I feel powerless in every presidential election. My first course of action was to give money to Barack; I've given his campaign $150.00 so far (just saying so you can benchmark yours). In a weird way, it seems like a really low price to pay... I want to wake up on Novermber to a world of hope -- something that has been taken away from me since 2000. Obama strikes me as a Lincoln, a F. Roosevelt, a Washington. Presidents like these don't appear often, but we're certainly due for our next (and please for gods sakes don't spout off nonsense about how the gipper was a great president... I don't know who started that rumor, but its a crock.)

I'm also considering phone banking for them in battleground states. I feel a bit weird about it -- it does feel really telemarkety -- but I don't know... he MUST win -- by any means necessary -- I can vote for him in Texas, but that is shit. I want to do SOMETHING.