Smashing Magazine Gives a Nod to Drupal

If I could read only one web design blog in the world, it would be smashing magazine. At one time, (maybe 2004-2005ish), I would have picked A List Apart. But frankly, I've found the vast majority of their articles as of late to be either boring, not relevant, restatements of the obvious, or not worth even a click and scan (with gripping titles like, "The Boar, the Swan, and the Dump Truck: Test driven development project management strategies in world of reality driven Standards and Accessibility." ) Perhaps that's a gross exaggeration, but some headlines excel in capturing everything I don't want to read about.

Smashing magazine, on the other hand, has created the ultimate resource of quality articles, tools, techniques, ideas, theory, and everything that really matters to people who have jobs to do, and want to do them well, on time, and improve their skills with every iteration. And you don't have to be from San Francisco's community of serial conference speakers* to understand why they are worth reading.

If you've lived under a rock for a while, than I urge you to check out the entire site. Really. You have a lot of catching up to do.