Blame the tax cuts

That's not a line that would get me into political office.
Yet, I think tax cuts are overrated, and should share quite a bit of blame for where our Economy is at. (Now, if you make 10,000-500,000 a year, I think you need a bigger tax cut! lets get that out of the way...)
Most of the money that's escaped the United States treasury via tax cuts has gone to those "Lizard people" with McMansions. You know, the people who if you talk to at a party, but they feel uncomfortable, and seem to think "why is this middle class pleb attempting to converse with me?"*
Anyways, back when Democrats were in office (think before G.W), we had a projected 710 billion dollar surplus this year. Today we have a 546 billion deficit. And what have we gained? (If your net worth is measured in millions... well, don't complain... that's pretty fucking unseemly).
Since when has "fiscal conservative" meant: "Crazy valley girl with her first credit card... who doesn't worry, because daddy can pay the bill."
If you think that tax cuts are better for the economy than sound policy that keeps our very currency worth something than (cough cough) I want the drugs you're doing.
Here's the report that inspired this rant:
BTW, if you think John McCain is the safe bet, than I give you a free pass (only if over the age of 65), otherwise, WTF?
*Think old woman, with the wrinkly neck, and gold with diamond necklace saying, "Ain't that nice..." -- she is a lizard person.