Re: Google Bowling


Back in april of 2005, my assertion that SEO could be used to censor "unwanted feedback" was greeted with a great deal of skepticism. Jimmy Wales even told me to put on a tin foil hat, so I could hide from the black helicopters (turns out that black helicopters exist too, but they are usually related to US special forces training... no luck on the foil hats, however...). Jeff Jarvis told me to shut up. (which I did)*

Over two years later, Forbes is hot on the story.

Not to gloat too much, but few things are more satisfying than learning: "You might not be as crazy as you and the rest of the world thinks."

I knew I was right. 


*Yeah... that was pretty blatant name dropping. A lot of the particular story that sparked all this had developed at a Harvard/Berkman center mailing list where I was a mere peon among giants. Ironically, my biggest ally for the story was a staunch republican... I think he just hated CNN... Best education I ever got for free!