Abject-Oriented Programming: The New Paradigm

By Dr. Carl Poland (guest contributor)*  -- CEO, Compubiztech Solutions, LLC, and Professor of Computer Science

A paramount attribute of genius, is being misunderstood by one's contemporaries. Beethoven, Van Gogh, Picasso, and myself -- all were vastly misunderstood during their time. Picasso never made a dime from his work. At least that makes me better than Picasso.

However, geniuses always know how to spot other geniuses, and I'm overjoyed to report another genius sighting (as I like to call them).

Meet Typical Programmers Treatise: Introduction to Abject-Oriented Programming

So that you can an idea of the value proposition offered by this rigorous, tactical, practical, and strategic strategy to major programming projects, I've included a snippet on his pragmatic, and practical concept of inheritance:


Inheritance is a way to retain features of old code in newer code. The programmer derives from an existing function or block of code by making a copy of the code, then making changes to the copy.

I couldn't have explained inheritance myself. Of course, there are a few amateurs out there that think Typical Programmer is joking... Oh! how lost these children are.


* Mr. Poland isn't really a doctor. The Nick Lewis: The Blog Board of Editorial Directors wishes to communicate that they are a bit "weirded out" by Carl's decision to refer to himself as "Dr."+

+ We here at Nick Lewis: The Blog by no means have suspicions that certain readers may be a bit "dense" when it comes to satire.