A Morbidly Drunk Christopher Hitchens on the Daily Show

Christopher Hitchens teaches us all some very important lessons on last night's Daily Show:
1. There is a time and place for being smashed. A 7 minute interview with Jon Stewart is not one of them.
2. If you do choose to be smashed during your interview, you'd probably be wise to avoid subjects such as "why relgion is the root of all evil".
3. Do yourself a favor: Next time you feel attractive while drunk, think of Hitchens in this interview.

Atheists should politely ask Hitchens to stop "helping the cause". Lord knows the last thing atheists need is for their spokesman to be cross-eyed, red-faced, bloated drunk on national television.

Watch this trainwreck of an interview for yourself.

Pretend that you are a cop who pulled over Hitchens in this interview. How long did it take for you to realize the man is intoxicated? (10 seconds for me).