Notes from a displaced Refugee

It took little more than a severe thunderstorm in houston to ignite the great power keg. All flights through Houston were either cancelled, or delayed hours. The once peaceful San Francisco International airport has collapsed into an overcrowded refugee camp. Tensions are running high. Several minutes ago, the line in the womans restroom began to spillover into the terminal. There are not enough chairs to go around, and so the woman and children must huddle together in circles; meanwhile, the men have been sent off to wage an unwinnable war with airline represenatives.  As a disinterested bystandard, it looks rather clear that there are no more seats available on the ontime flights. However, when I bring this up, the refugees are quick to point out that the airlines have both started this war, and have never been trustworthy anyways. One refugee acknowledged that outsiders might perceive him annoying, red-faced, white men with anger management issues. "Sure I might look that way," but as he  reminded me "... you 'calm people' are simply ignorant of history -- it is the airlines who fired the first shot. I would be peaceful had they not cancelled my flight, however that is not the case. This is now an issue of honor, of revenge, and I will not stop until they conceed their seats.".  These unencouraging sentiments appear to be held by the majority here, and so I've fled to the hallway. I've found free wifi to steal from the "president's club". Besides the screaming baby, and the incomprensible garble blasted over the PA at 30 second intervals, its's peaceful here. In a few hours, they'll be shipping me off to Houston, Texas -- the epicenter of this crisis, and in all reality, probably the most overcrowded, and dreaded of the camps. I've been reassured that I can go home once I get there, but I have a feeling that its going to get worse in GW International, before it gets better. I can now only pray that god will protect me, and forgive the many souls caught in this valley of death - SF International.