Call for Wishlists: Using Video in Drupal

Short attention span version: I'm working for a startup (stealth-mode for now) and am requesting suggestions, feature requests, and ideas on a video module we'll be releasing back to the drupal community. We are also very interested in module ideas, and features that do not necessarily involve video, but that you think would be useful to websites that have a lot of videos. Either comment, or use my contact form to put your ideas, or wishes in my work queue.*

Our product's tech end is based on drupal. The vast majority of our work is to be released back to drupal under GPL (not an option, but a requirement for us). As a matter of fact, the rate of adoption of our modules by the drupal community are one of the main ways they are going to be measuing our performance. As you might imagine, we intend on being a very good friend of drupal.

Here's a short FAQ in answer only form:

  • Yes, I suppose you could say video is going to be a big focus of our product.
  • No, we're not building "the next youtube, only better, and with better social networking and tagging support". (Just to clarify, I have a policy of not joining startups full of looney, delusional idiots)
  • Yes, I think we're building exactly the right thing and at exactly the right time.
  • I'm sorry, for now, please excuse the conspicious omissions of what some would consider relevent information.
  • Yes, I am aware that there is already a video module. I am also aware that its considered poor form to build modules that overlap. But, I'm also a realist. Time, and our requirements have led me to conclude that building our own module is the most sensible approach. It isn't my first inclincation to base the backbone of our site on a module that we don't have full control over. And perhaps, most importantly, the video.module's function priorities are wildly different from our module's functional priorities. For example, supporting all kinds of video formats is not one of our priorities (for the time being) ::shrug:: I'm all ears to reasons why we should consider developing the existing module.


* maybe :-)