More Fun With Windows XP

Last may, I got a new laptop. It was an acer5670 aspire, with dual processors, 2 gigs of RAM, etc[1]. While I'd normally feel a bit unseemly for bragging up my laptop specs, this situation is a bit different. Acer -- in their infinite wisdom, gave me a system with dual processors, and Windows XP home edition preinstalled...

::pauses for to give audience a chance to grasp the significance of the proceeding sentence::

You see kids, Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition doesn't support dual processors. So why would Acer package a high end system with an operating system that didn't support it?

That wasn't a rhetorical question -- and indeed I have plenty of time to ponder it; as I watch 800 megabytes of windows XP updates download. Yes sir, download, install, restart, download, install, restart -- that's my future for now.

I hope all is well out there in greater blogastan.