FOX Leads the New Wave of Media (again...)

Writing those sort of headlines makes me feel like I need to to take a shower. Yet, sometimes the truth is dirty, and the truth is that Rupert Murdock "gets it".

Fox has annouced that that they will use their network of sites to offer downloads of their televised content. [see news story]

Now, admittedly, this pay-per-view model sucks the private parts of goats. Who wouldn't pay 1.99 for an episdoe of 24? Well, let's see....


However, these things evolve slowly, like the law. Sooner or later FOX will realize that there is far more money to be made from offering vidoes for free, and using whatever methods are possible to force consumers to watch 40 second ads for pringles, or the airforce. 

Now, it is true that most data indicates that traditional advertising -- no matter the medium -- is a waste of money. However, that won't stop corporate board after corporate board from throwing their money to whatever content provider promises the most "sticky eyes".

Truly, its like some sort of cult religion.

Anyways, I'm disgusted to remind you that once again, FOX is leading the way.  Kudos to Red Rupert.