Hey Drupal and Moodle: Stay Out of Education -- Blackboard Got a New Patent

Michael Feldstein is sounding an alarm; and some good people are probably going to need to watch their back. Blackboard may have realized how crappy of an application it is, and now is seeking to crush all those teachers who've deceided they can develop their own solution. May I recommend that we colllectively instigate a lynching of blackboard? If lynching sounds strong, well... read the f#cking patent.
The ever-brilliant US Patent and Trademark Office has apparently granted Blackboard a patent for...well...pretty much anything remotely related to learning management systems. As I read it, Blackboard basically owns the patent on any sort of groupware at all that is used for teaching purposes.

I'd also like to point out that the hearsay I've heard about blackboard's owner was not inspiring. Apparently, he's very happy about being rich and young, and that's basically it. Education isn't his main concern, according to this hearsay. So, be aware.