A Very Timely CVS Command


Normally I wouldn't double-dip the planet like this, but this is truly a nugget worth sharing. For the last few months you, like me, have probably been working off of the CVS head. However, as Drupal 4.7.0 is SO close, its time we return to the land of sanity. Imagine, my brothers and sisters: soon, we can checkout modules and EXPECT them to work! Truly glorious.

Unfortunately, as we all know, if we update our collection of modules and core files using the 4-7 tag, we'll lose all modules that aren't tagged for 4.7. For some time, I thought this was just "the way it was". But then, Dave Cohen brought this gem of a command to my attention.

$ cvs update -dPf -r DRUPAL-4-7

Execute this command my friends. It will convert your codebase to t thhe stable 4.7 release. If a module isn't tagged for 4.7, it just checks out the head. Now, let us go in peace and update our code to the promise land...