I'm now among "the press"

So I just got my press 'credentials' to cover SXSW conference here in Austin, March 11-15, 2005. Now, I don't want any of you speakers to think that I'm going to go easy on you. Since I'm part of the press, I'll be looking for answers, and some of ya'll have a lot of explaning to do. What about the Kittens, I ask? And especially you, Zuckerman... Comparing David Weinberger to Lenny Bruce... We all know -- damn well -- that uncovering the truth behind that scandal will be the number one priority of every journalist at that conference. Like every other journalist, I'll be saying "wonkette, smonkette..." So in conclusion, as a journalist, I will settle for no less than the funk, the whole funk, and nothing but the funk.