In Praise of Lullabot, Bryght, and the scrumptulescent sIFR Module

I first discovered sIFR last October. If you've never heard of sIFR, then I suggest you pretend otherwise. Simply nod, smile, and read all about it.

The module is now available for download on CVS.

This module has freed every drupal user from "websafe" fonts forever. In tribuite, I will sacrifice 15 goats to Jeff Robbins of Lullabot, and 100's of chickens... delicious chickens for Bryght, who sponsered the development of this fantastic contribution to our beloved platform. Speaking of which, Bryght took a bit of a hit to bring this module to the community, so if you're in the right position, you may want to take them up on the reverse bounty they posted.

Two Links to Over 100 New Fonts at your fingertips

Font Smack's Library

And just because: