Bush's Reign Brings a Juvenile Standard to US

The new president also should signal that we will no longer confront problems just by blowing them up. The military toolbox is essential, but it shouldn’t be the first option for 21st-century challenges. You can’t bomb climate change.

Nicholas Kristof -- NYT

My view of the Bush administration is a bunch of 5 year olds playing with toy tanks in a sandbox... of course, they aren't 4 year olds with toys, and the sandbox ain't a playground. In reality there's been loss of limbs, and life in our armed forces. 2000+ Americans are dead. There's been killings of innocents that have been caught in the crossfire; and just to mention it... this war has taken a lot of withdraws from the US treasury)

Gee-wiz yall... McCain Supporters... I'd love ya to hear from ya! I prefer that you start it off with "Obama is a Muslim, and counterpart to Terrorists..." that's sure to make you look nice a stupid. But if you're up to a semi rational debate, I'm all for it. In the words of GW: "Bring em on."