Fleeing Twitter

I set up a twitter account today. It wasn't out of the blue, I was installing the twitter module for a client (works great btw). Yet, I'd be a liar if I denied flirting with the idea of twittering. After about 3 hours, I decided I didn't want to twitter.

I've begun a quest in finding the opposite of twitter, for I feel that quest will reward me with happiness.

It all boiled down to taking a look at my life as a web developer'; I'm already marooned in this crazy world of text strings, through the looking glass of my MacBook Pro. Its no exaggeration to say I spend the majority of my waking hours looking into *the screen*. Creating yet another extension into screen based reality just seems silly -- it feels like mortgaging a house on your marooned desert island.

I already have email. I already have a blog. I already have a bunch of pointless "social networking" accounts that I don't check, or follow.

Am I burnt out? Maybe a bit. I'm burnt out on an existence where most of my communication happens through IM, Email, or SVN, no doubt. I'm a bit tired of being an expert in a subject that only a handful thousand people in the world understand -- though I try my best to describe what a beautiful piece of code is to the layman. Overall, I'm technologically saturated, and will sooner run away to some hippy organic farm commune in Costa Rica, than deeper entrench myself in the world of the screen.