If Only I Could Strike Back At The SEO Consultant Slime

Nothing makes you feel "not so special" like having the majority of your daily comments -- that pass captchas mind you --  left by bottom feeding SEO consultants. Now before I explain why these consultants are bottom feeders, and why you could teach an 8 year old chimp to do their job* (which they charge upwards $75.00 by the hour!... adding insult to injury) let me tell you why I can't defend myself.

Re: Google Bowling

Back in april of 2005, my assertion that SEO could be used to censor "unwanted feedback" was greeted with a great deal of skepticism. Jimmy Wales even told me to put on a tin foil hat, so I could hide from the black helicopters (turns out that black helicopters exist too, but they are usually related to US special forces training... no luck on the foil hats, however...). Jeff Jarvis told me to shut up. (which I did)*

How I temporarily Screwed My SEO

As soon as I switched over to this new theme my search engine traffic plummeted. I was beginning to suspect that the spiders had confused the javascript that generates the markup for this theme's curves with an attempt to show two pages: one for spiders, one for humans. As it turns out however, it was a test site that I had forgotten to delete that was also showing Nick Lewis: the blog.

So google found the test site, and apparently knocked my search engine traffic in half. This morning I removed the test site, and my search engine traffic doubled, and is now at normal levels once again.

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