A Practical Guide to Scaling Drupal

This guide is a practical one. We will focus on the scalability problems and solutions for 97% of cases, and purposefully ignore the other 3%[2,3]. The posts that make up this guide are organized in order of importance[3]. In other words, don't jump to the post about varnish if you haven't attempted the techniques described in "developing a caching strategy."  


  1. This, of course, assumes two things: 1) a reasonable level of hygiene among the "scalers." 2) the culture, and management style at the particular company. 
  2. This statistic was  not entirely made up.
  3. I'm not referring to David Strauss or Mark Saunabaum as being the 3%ers. They are merely prototypical representitives. 
  4. My idea of what is important is truth.  I'm the decider.