Why Lawyers Should Never Run Your Business

It doesn't matter who you are. You could be Lance Armstrong, running a foundation for cancer survivers. The pack of lawyers will turn what was good people working for a good cause into a pathetic horde of money-lusting idiot f#cks.

Lance, please: put a stop to this travesty. This is disgusting.

Source: AFP

In court documents filed in Texas on Tuesday, the foundation (LAF) alleges that the Oklahoma-based Animal Charity Collar Group stole the idea in producing yellow dog and cat collars embossed with the words "Barkstrong" and "Purrstrong."...

"Such confusion, mistake and deception are likely to cause irreparable harm to LAF," (the LAF added).

The foundation has sold some 65 million yellow "Livestrong" wristbands...

The Winner is: Bad Language

Mother of God, this world is plagued by swarms of crappy technology, marketing, and design blogs. Those horrid blogs with entries like "Is white with dark text really a good idea?", and  "10 ways to design like a professional (and what would those be? Profit driven mediocrity,with a dash of convention, and a splash of arrogance? )."

Hallelujah, I've found a blog worthy of my coveted "Some random industry blog thinks your site kicks ass award. Huzzah!"

Quote of the Day

"If you put personal interests, including protecting your reputation ahead of your sense of duty, then you've got your values screwed up." -Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates [source... found while looking for SEO trends]

How to Ensure Distrust from Your Users

If there's one thing I've learned over the years (okay, 3 years) its that users like being tricked. More importantly, they like your tricks to be both simple, and transparent in their aims (such as the aim of padding your bank account with 100.00 a month in adsense dollars). Users look down upon sarcasism, however. So when you make points, make them feel stupid by reminding them that the following example is how NOT to make money from your website:

On Iraq Veterans

Everytime, I see a soldier in full combat fatigues, I assume they're on leave from duty in Iraq. This assumption is probably true about 95% of the time. Its diffcult for me to put into words how I respond to them. On the one hand, I feel the war itself is a total quagmire that never should have been. On the otherhand, I know that these soldiers have endured things I will never understand... and perhaps most importantly, did their duty, regardless of whether they agreed or not with what they were doing. In battle, I'm sure that none of this rhetoric mattered, and they were merely fighting for their lives, and the lives of their friends, day by day. 

The Key to Jquery Form Plugin + Drupal Formapi

Today I bring you an incomplete, yet stunningly easy solution to a problem that's been making want to set buildings on fire.

ON Networks Redesigns

Today, we, the people of ON Networks launched version 1.0* of our website. Its built off of Drupal 5.2, and more than ready for 6.0 (please god, grant me the API improvements in 6.0 right now).

Since this is the first time I’ve introduced my company on my blog, I ask you forgive me for giving you “the pitch.”

We’re into online video.

We’re not idiots: we are not a “youtube 2.0… with tagging, ajax, and a bunch of fake content that is supposed to look like it came from real people”. (this seems to be the majority of online video startups)

Rather, we’ve decided that old media may actually have a few good ideas: say… professionally produced content, high production values, and video quality unmatchable on the internet (not counting subscription, and pay-per-view sites) . Oh, and letting you watch our videos on your ipod, iphone, tv, or screen, be it via rss, email , or appletv subscriptions.

Here is Backpack Picnic (sketch comedy), and Play Value (an exploration of the history of video games): two shows that really illustrate what we are after.

Our business model comes from an analysis of the structural weakness of old media. One way you could put it is, “We’re what NBC, BBC, and Fox would be if they could start their entire business over again.”

Our traffic and content is growing exponentially, and the daily bandwidth required to pump out our videos is measured in terabytes (tigs, as we call them in the office).

Anyhow, enough about us:

Thank you drupal. Expect a donation very soon.

*Nobody at the company is actually using version numbers, so I’m calling it 1.0

Regarding Wikia, the "Open Source" Search Engine

From the man who brought us Wikipedia, comes Wikia: an open source search engine, backed by a reported $14 million dollars of venture funding.

Wikia, more or less, is attempting to wrangle the same forces that chiseled Wikiapedia into future world history books, and apply them to a for-profit search engine. A really unsexy way to describe Wikia's idea in reality is this:

Wikia will use a traditional search algorithms to produce a (primitive) "first draft" of any given search result. This first draft's rankings will be open to the public for re-ranking (and moderation). At first, the results will suck, but after the project reaches a critical mass, and has an active user base comparable to Wikipedia's -- guarding and improving the quality of results -- the search engine will blast off into the galaxy, leaving Google orbiting the moon.  

Live Journal/ Craigslist/ Technorati Offline; Valleywag Blames "drunk employee"; Rest of World Blames "Power Outage"

Update: Valleywag corrects the record. The write can be seen wearing the dunce hat.

Valleywag is the freshest, and most entertaining technology blog out there. They are nothing less than the tech industries' premier tabloid (albeit much funnier than a typical tabloid).

Today, however, they crossed my line[1]; thus, today, my finger wags violently in Vallegwag's general direction.



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