Putting My Blog Under the Knife

Its difficult to write about the future of drupal when your blog is a shoddy canibalization of garland that still uses the god damn blog module. It sort of feels like what this guy must feel like when he goes out on a date.

The architecture of this blog is the result of 5 years, 5 versions of drupal, and my own lack of planning, foresight, and purpose. I'm actually not sure how i'm going to resolve all the historical issues I find (my giant stupid taxonomy menus, books that want to be categories, and tables from CCKs first alpha version still lurking...), but hey, maybe that will be something interesting to write about!

In any case, this was the stupidest ending to this post i could think of: Excelsior![1]


1. (really New York? That's your state motto?)

2. Sorry, comments are disabled - i'm my own client, and turns out i'm a lax one during major upgrades and transitions.