Food for Thought: Drupal's Pattern Language


I particularly liked this cliff notes of a "pattern language":

In a pattern language individual patterns are not isolated. The structure of the language is composed of the links from larger patterns to smaller patterns, together creating a network. Thus, for a single pattern to work fully, it must not only be followed through by implementing the smaller patterns that complete it, it must if at all possible be connected to certain larger patterns.

If you understand how this idea applies to CCK, Views, and Panels implementations, then I respectfully say "respek". Otherwise, my message is: "our goal is to understand the principles that work when working with a  gerryrigged combo of cck,views, and panels; as of now there is no agreed upon 'right way', and this whole  'drupal way' is humbug. Typically 'drupal way' just means 'this is how i do it.' The 'drupal way' is not a systematic approach, and no one knows what it really means."